Daily Movie

 Daily Movie


Splish splash this rabbit wants to play! I love swimming, it my favorite exercise and I just love being in water.

Yep…that’s right…I’ve got sand in my privates, and did for a week after this shoot. They aren’t lying when they call this place “Sandy Beach”….but I will never go in the water there again. The first time I swam in here I was in front of one hundred guys…and lost my top, not once but twice. No wonder there are so many guys that come here. They are waiting for stupid Haole (foreigner) girls like me to come in their skimpy bikinis that end up getting ripped away by the water.


Well what we have here is a everyday project that ended up turning into a shoot because I was having soooo much fun. Pictures our of me in my painting clothes, basically overalls and yellow little tank top that I had ripped all up because its kinda old plus alot sexier.


We catch this cute teen walking in a sexy dress & heels, flashing her full, firm breasts at the mall! Soon enough, she’s caught by security — but that doesn’t stop her!


This cute Southern Girl has never done anything like this, posing for an adult site for the first time ever. Though she likes to masturbate, she’s shy and takes a little while to warm up.


Tall and beautiful, we watch this girl walk in cute clothes through a mall, giving us upskirt views and flashing her breasts. Getting caught, she goes to a department store, and flashes some more, even videotaping herself in the changeroom as she gets naked.


This very cute Playboy-esque model has done softcore nudes before, but takes it a step further in this FTV style shoot.

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