March 3, 2015 · Posted in Amateur Babes  

Karla Spice naughty nun I spread my legs a little bit for you

One of the fantasies that you turned me onto was the idea of being a naughty nun. I imagine living a sheltered life in the convent and having you come to fix the pipes one day. I?d be the only one home and have to show you to the basement where the leak was. Your manly hands, muscles and smell would turn me on and make me want you so much. I?d sit myself down on the stairs and spread my legs a little bit for you. Then I?d start to rub my clit and watch you while you plugged up the hole. When you were done I?d let you watch me for a little bit as your cock began to swell under your tight jeans. Then I?d want you to make the first move. I?d want you to come over and take me forcefully but gently at the same time. I?d want to feel how strong your arms and chest were as you pulled me into you and explored every inch of my body with your tongue. I?m not sure they?d let me be a nun after I was so naughty with you but the orgasm would be so worth it!

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